Josey Wales

1851 Colt Navy



"Are you gonna draw that pistol or whistle Dixie all day?".




Open Range Peacemaker



"God made man but Samuel Colt made them equal."





Morgan Earp´s Smith & Wesson Model 3


"Me and Jesse James think the Schofield .45 is the best handgun in the world."




Blonde´s Colt Single Action Army



"I´ve got six more bullets in my gun"





Magnificient Seven Peacemaker



"We deal in lead, my friend."






Django Unchained
Remington New Army



"A beast of a gun"







1851 Colt ornamented



"Boys, he's not much for looks, but if we'd had him we wouldn't be caught in this trap."  





Emilio Zapato
Colt SAA Artillery silver plated



"I´d rather stand dying than kneel living."





Available now:


Short SAA




SIG P210




Colt Dragoon
3rd Version



Mare´s Leg




Colt SAA Thunder/Lightning with Birdneck grip

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